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Marvel: Silver Superman of Asgard

Marvel: Silver Superman of Asgard
270 Chapters
306.8 K views

Marvel: Silver Superman of Asgard

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    Novel Summary

    Rhodes traveled to the Marvel universe and became the son of a duke in ancient Northern Europe on Earth. He thought he could be a dominator, but he was led to Asgard, the fairy palace, and became the servant of Hela, the goddess of death.

    It’s a miserable thing to be a slave for a lifetime, but fortunately, he got the genes of Superman Silver.

    As long as you bask in the sun, you can continue to grow stronger, and no matter what dangers you encounter, you can quickly evolve corresponding abilities.

    Silver Superman is so powerful, so unreasonable.

    He became the king of Asgard, the overlord of the universe.

    “Thanos? This little guy, I can kill him with one breath!”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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