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Marvel Call of the Game

Marvel Call of the Game
467 Chapters
222.7 K views

Marvel Call of the Game

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    Novel Summary

    On the battlefield, the Avengers fell into a bitter battle, and when Thanos was about to win, suddenly, there was a loud noise in the sky, and only a huge battleship that covered the sky appeared above everyone’s heads, and opened the door from the battleship. A man stepped out of the hatch.

    “who are you!”

    Thanos felt uneasy and shouted loudly.

    “Who am I, you ask?”

    The man looked down on the world.

    “Listen well, I am the doctor of Rhodes Island, the admiral of the tutelary mansion, the master of Chaldea, the commander of Griffin, the onmyoji of Heianjing, the knight of Princess Link, the dress-up master of the Miracle Continent, Rainbow Squad operator, Battle Commander, Duelist of Dueling City, Demon Hunter who can cry, Demon Hunter who collects Gwent cards, Ashes of No Fire, Master Ashes of Fireproof Lady, Destroyer of Outer Gods. Sever Undead The man of the sky. Grabber of Skyrim, god of war who slaughtered the gods of Olympus and Asgard. Assassin who wants nothing but love, little policeman of Raccoon City, ruler and protector of the border. King of Erden, High Lord of Azeroth, Warrior of Arad, Summoner of Valoran, Defender of Crossfire, Mercenary of Kuhan…”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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