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Machine Lion Roar

Machine Lion Roar
1181 Chapters
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Machine Lion Roar

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    Novel Summary

    This is the story of a shit shoveling officer who had to enter the world of the second dimension in order to feed the owner of Meow.

    “Shovel shit. I want to eat Gundam Nuclear Furnace!”

    “Shovel shit. I want to eat Lancelot’s cherry stone!”

    “Shovel shit. I want to eat the reactor of the VF fighter!!”

    Good teeth, good stomach Master Meow said like this!

    As long as you see a bite of a cherry stone, and a can of nuclear fuel when you breathe it, you will be surrounded by super alloys all day long. The feasting master, the young shit shovel officer, the trainee knight Lei Mingkai knows that this one does not eat dried fish. , The owner of Meow who only eats the black technology products produced in many aircraft warfare worlds is dependent on him!

    “What? Someone grabbed rations!?”

    The Lord Meow suddenly became a super metal life form-the Tooth Lion Zero Form, roaring the sky.

    “Roar!! Cut him!”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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