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    Novel Summary

    In the previous life, he was in the shopping mall, and he was unwilling to die from a terminal illness, but was taken to the King Kong Temple in the prosperous world of martial arts by a Buddha statue of the medicine master, and was reborn as a medicine monk.

    In this life, he only wants to live forever, to practice Buddhism and not to seek liberation

    However, he unexpectedly discovered that with the blessing of Medicine Buddha, the mantra can turn legends into reality, and their power will be greatly increased.

    The great light mantra, transcends the soul and goes straight to the bliss of the Western Heaven,

    The mantra of clearing the heart, clearing the mind and calming the spirit, the mind is like still water,

    Rejuvenation mantra, heals injuries like a god


    He was even judged to be a waste of martial arts, but with the help of Medicine Buddha, he was able to practice Buddhist martial arts to the legendary realm.

    Originally, I wanted to cultivate various medicinal materials, practice martial arts, practice Buddhism, and live in peace in this top sect Daxueshan King Kong Temple.

    But I don’t want to, at this time, the Dagan Dynasty has experienced prosperity for thousands of years, and it has come to the moment from prosperity to decline.

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