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Live Broadcast: I Am a Lord In Another World

Live Broadcast: I Am a Lord In Another World
374 Chapters
487.1 K views

Live Broadcast: I Am a Lord In Another World

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    Novel Summary

    “Anchor, is your maid a cat ears?”

    “Anchor, I’ll give you a reward of 10 million, let me take another look at that elf.”

    “The anchor is domineering, so many people are with you today, ready to kill the dragon?”

    “Anchor, your territory is so strong, you can play a kingdom as a king, and tell us if you are short of money.”


    After crossing into another world, Richard found that the mobile phone he brought with him could be connected to the Internet for an hour a day.

    You can also buy things from the original world through a certain treasure.

    He also obtained a prestige system. The higher the prestige he has in the other world, the more abilities and even magic skills he can exchange.

    So Richard used the stainless steel kettle in his backpack and other items to exchange for a territory, and broadcasted his leisurely life as an alien lord on Douyin every day.

    PS: The author’s vest and works:

    Big Demon King: “I’m Really Not a Monster”

    Master of the Ocean: “From Mermaid Island Master to Master of the Ocean”

    Black tea: “From the Flower Demon to the Great Emperor of the Demon Country”

    Dabai is not white: “Live Broadcast: I’m a Lord in Another World”

    Green Tea: “Live Broadcast: I’m the Demon King in the Abyss”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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