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Let’s Lose A Billion Today First

Let’s Lose A Billion Today First
2651 Chapters
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Let’s Lose A Billion Today First

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    Novel Summary

    After Chuzheng was inexplicably judged to be dead, his only worry was spending money.

    Since binding this system, her waist is not sore, her legs are not sore, so she doesn’t even breathe, and she lives in fear of spending money every day.

    System: Let’s set a small goal, first defeat it by 100 million…Sister, stop! Don’t open the invincible mode casually! (▼皿▼#)

    Chuzheng: First, explain what is this thing holding my thigh?

    Something: Baby can play whatever you want.

    Chu Zheng: (touching the knife) Then, then I’m welcome.

    System: Miss sister, please put down the butcher knife! ! (▼へ▼メ)

    #Miss sister, you can really do whatever you want with money, get to know#

    - Description from MTL


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