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King’s Kingdom

King’s Kingdom
323 Chapters
370.7 K views

King’s Kingdom

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    Novel Summary

    The division of the huge empire set off a prelude of disputes. Without the domination of a unified regime, the careerists attacked each other, and the human kingdoms fell into a chaotic and dark era.

    The ghosts and wolves multiply in the land, the ugly goblin bulls become more violent, and the vampires hide in the depths of the castle and stare at their prey, and the griffins climb out of the abyss.

    The beasts outside the Hengduan Mountains are eyeing them, trying to regain the land they once had, destroying the civilization of mankind and rebuilding their own regime.

    “Friends and cavalry will always be gods!”

    “Genius is sharp and strong, come one and one shark!”

    The enemy hated him deeply: “Your evil deeds are known to everyone from Ireland to Khitan!”

    Theodosius tactically leaned back: “Very good! Now this king will make you the Earl of Glamorgan!”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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