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Kicked Out of the Rich Family at the Beginning

Kicked Out of the Rich Family at the Beginning
147 Chapters
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Kicked Out of the Rich Family at the Beginning

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    Novel Summary

    As soon as he opened his eyes, the white scorpion was worn on the body of a notorious dude.

    I heard that her father is an upstart in the North City, and his fame spreads far and wide from nothing;

    Her illegitimate eldest brother is a genius, and went to Jiangjing University as the champion of the market;

    The illegitimate younger sister is the versatile school belle of the international class next door, gentle and courteous;

    The fiancé is a wealthy son of finance, a school god, and he didn’t take her seriously…

    And she, just an ordinary person with a low IQ, was kicked out of this family at the very beginning.

    Bai Po: All right, then she will study hard and try to be an ordinary person~

    All (smiling faces of fans): …you are the best? ?

    The eldest lady who was assigned to Xiangcheng had no background, no knowledge and skills, everyone could step on her… Can’t step on it? ? ? ?

    [The only beauty in the world is lazy and wanton, whoever provokes her will be killed, whoever criticizes the heroine madly vs the noble and glamorous male protagonist who exudes a majestic aura and IQ crushes all the male protagonists present]

    ps: The male and female protagonists are very Su

    Conception: love to learn, be a good person.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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