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Invincible Copy System

Invincible Copy System
2787 Chapters
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Invincible Copy System

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    Novel Summary

    In 2080, spiritual energy will recover, fierce beasts will be raging, humans will have various powerhouses, and society will enter a state where martial arts and technology coexist!

    Liu Ning is a high school junior. At the age of 17, he was selected as a cannon fodder for patrolling out of the city. He married a beautiful wife who was a dozen years older than him. But he was ordered to carry out a death mission at the bridal night!

    In crisis, Liu Ning awakens the replication system!

    Martial arts, knowledge, skills, potions, weapons, top secret formulas can all be copied!

    What Reiki recovery? Gao Wu arrives? The Galaxy Age? I, Liu Ning, only need to control my own destiny, for! So! want! for! !

    - Description from MTL


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