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In This Hogwarts Without a Savior

In This Hogwarts Without a Savior
535 Chapters
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In This Hogwarts Without a Savior

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    Novel Summary

    On the night when the savior of the wizarding world should have been born, Harry Potter died under the unforgivable curse.

    The man who made almost all British wizards dare not call him by name, regained the wisdom and ambition that belonged to him from the Horcrux.

    Darkness has completely enveloped the island of Great Britain.

    Wizards are divided into high and low according to their bloodlines. Pure blood firmly holds the authority that belongs to the superior, and people called mudbloods can only be as humble as mud and trampled on throughout their lives.

    The Ministry of Magic, which is supposed to enforce justice, is full of villains, and the castle, which is supposed to impart knowledge, is full of oppression.

    In these dark times.

    Jon Green, who came from across time, was brought into the exiled carriage that truly inherited the title of “Hogwarts”…


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