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I’m From The World Of Punishment

I’m From The World Of Punishment
1788 Chapters
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I’m From The World Of Punishment

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    Novel Summary

    I, Luo Huai, one of the three phantom gods of the Orphanage in the south of the city, a person who is capable of combat power and can go back and forth between the three worlds of phantom, mortal, and hell (punishment). …and so on a bunch of configuration.

    Very strong, right? Invincible, right?

    But the problem is that other people’s resurrection points are in the Mortal Realm… Why is my resurrection point punishing the world! A bunch of fairies!

    “I’m invincible, so far I haven’t defeated the zombie man at the door, woo woo woo~” A man surnamed Luo cried bitterly in front of the camera…

    With game elements such as [My World] [Hearthstone] [Running Board Game], some features have been slightly modified, players are welcome to enter.

    There are online game elements, and there are also infinite streaming elements.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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