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I Thought I Was Straight

I Thought I Was Straight
160 Chapters
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I Thought I Was Straight

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    Novel Summary

    This article is also known as “The Road to Fearful Marriage in the Deep Closet” and “My Husband Regrets Every Day When He Wakes Up”

    Yan Ge was a straight man who had been influenced by the society for more than 20 years, until he took a job of saving the poor male partner.

    Many years later, he hugged the male supporting role and thought desperately, wondering if being bent was considered a work-related injury, and whether he could apply for mental damage compensation.

    World One: The President’s Crazy Pursuit (Completed)
    World II: The Crazy Pursuit from Heroes (Completed)
    World 3: Scumbags Chasing Robots (Completed)
    World 4: Teacher, Don’t Be Like This (Completed)
    World Five: The Secret of the Interstellar Prisoner (Completed)
    World Six: Zhenjun is a Love Brain (Completed)
    World VII: Down the Dragon Bed and the Officials Are Panicked (Completed)
    World Eight: Mermaids in the Deep Sea Are Scary (Completed)
    World Nine: The Taoist priest came to accept me (updating)

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    3. The main attacker and the receiver are all alone.
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