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I, The Villain, Start with the Protagonist Saintess

I, The Villain, Start with the Protagonist Saintess

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    Novel Summary

    Got it! I’m a villain! Or the brainless dog-licking villain in his own eunuch novel!

    The protagonist is blessed with luck, and he can awaken the “original virgin” every time, as well as the stunning senior sister, all kinds of treasures are gathered on him… Is there a way of life for my brainless little villain? !

    Don’t panic, the system wakes up, first smashes the protagonist “the original Holy Maiden”, and then kills the protagonist’s fiancee!

    Is this the end? How can it be! The protagonist is cool for a while! The protagonist has always been cool!

    The protagonist’s tears of despair: I turned out to be a logistics courier? !

    - Description from MTLNovel


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