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I Quit Being The Devoted Supporting Male Character

I Quit Being The Devoted Supporting Male Character
330 Chapters
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I Quit Being The Devoted Supporting Male Character

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    Novel Summary

    It was well known that in every novel, there would always be a supporting male character like this:

    They were either crazy about the female lead or willing to work.

    Even if they gave themselves a green hat, they were ready to.

    The female lead was misunderstood by the male lead, so he came to explain.

    The female lead had career problems, so he came to help.

    In the end, he only got a sentence from the female lead: “I just think of you as a brother.”

    He could be used against the male lead. In the end, the male and female leads ruined him as the strong prevailed over the weak.

    After Gu Jingyu became one of those miserable supporting male characters in the novel…

    The heroine of the domineering novel said: “I just think of you as a brother.”

    Gu Jingyu: “Thank you. My mom only gave birth to me.”

    The heroine from the modern-day time-travel novel: “This is a vegetarian snack that I have carefully developed for you. I think you’ll like it.”

    Looking at the spicy veggie meat stick in the heroine’s hand, Gu Jingyu fell into silence. Did he look like a fool?

    The useless protagonist in the immortal cultivation novel said: “For thirty years, people east of the river prosper, then for another thirty years those on the west prosper: life is full of ups and downs. Don’t bully the poor youth! You wait, I will definitely come back to take revenge.”

    Gu Jingyu directly imprisoned the protagonist until he ascended.

    - Description from Novelupdates


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