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I! Dragon Lord

I! Dragon Lord
496 Chapters
712.9 K views

I! Dragon Lord

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    Novel Summary

    Louis became a giant dragon in myths and legends, and could travel between the earth and the otherworld continent at will——

    Since then, the number of races in the other world has become more colorful, and the half-dragons, dragon orcs, dragon elves, dragon lichs, dragon angels, and abyss dragons have sprung up like mushrooms;

    From then on, a powerful and unparalleled dragon lord appeared in the other world. His territory was orderly, clean and tidy, with incredible food, countless novel gadgets, and a civilization that led the entire world. idea;

    On the real earth, the existence of Louis also reborn magic and myth, and he became the only god;

    “I am the king of gold, the giver of life, the supporter of magic, the weaver of dreams, the guardian of the earth, the master of time, mortals kneel before me and look up, gods tremble in fear before me! ”

    PS: There are typos and omissions that affect reading

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