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I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore After Wearing An Outer Room

I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore After Wearing An Outer Room
602 Chapters
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I Don’t Want To Fight Anymore After Wearing An Outer Room

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    Novel Summary

    Yu Zhi, a senior salted fish in the world of cultivation, transmigrated into the outer room of the third son of Marquis Wu’an in the Daqing Dynasty. This girl was fair and beautiful, with a delicate body and a soft body. She was presented by a local official when the third son went out to investigate a case.

    After Yu Zhi figured out his own situation, his mentality was very stable. The outside room is the outside room, with food and housing included, high salary, low requirements, good-looking boss, good figure, generous hand, where can I find such a good job?

    Yu Zhi, this salted fish, was flying in the waves in Daqing.

    Keeping on, the boss looked at her with increasingly hot eyes.

    Keeping on, the boss insisted on marrying her as the boss’s wife despite the family’s opposition.

    No! A marriage with the wrong family has no future, and an office romance is a no-brainer. She just wants to be a low-level employee, not a high-ranking employee.

    But facing the boss’s temptation, Yu Zhi touched his chin, tempted! Otherwise, change the map and continue to hang on?

    With a thunderbolt from the blue sky, the young minister of Dali Temple and the third son of Marquis of Wu’an’s mansion were actually bewitched by a small concubine from a lowly background, and insisted on marrying her as his wife.

    On the day of the wedding, Jing Chengfang’s heart was broken.

    Qi Dafei, no one believes that an outer room can secure the seat of the third wife Wen, and everyone sits and waits for Yu Zhi to be divorced

    But a year or two passed, not only did Yu Zhi not get divorced, but she was even spoiled by her husband more and more coquettishly

    Three years and five years have passed, and Yu Zhi still hasn’t been divorced. She has both children and is held in the palm of her husband’s hand

    She has become the most envied woman in the whole capital!

    No one knew that Yu Zhi was the woman that Wen Jiuxiao had married with all his might. He didn’t love this world, but for her, he was willing to treat the world kindly.

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