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I Can’t Play This Game Anymore

I Can’t Play This Game Anymore
1002 Chapters
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I Can’t Play This Game Anymore

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    Novel Summary

    Ji Han, who was worried about his sister’s medical expenses, accidentally bound a money-making game.

    The monsters in the other world, the puzzles in the film and television world, and the forbidden tombs in the legendary world.

    Your game is too scary (love)!

    What? 50,000 for completing the task? Kill a monster and give 30,000?

    As an ordinary person, Ji Han shivered in the game, doing his best to complete the task to grab the head and get the much-needed monetary reward.

    But in the eyes of others, he is the strongest alien warrior.

    “Captain, the 10th team is really empty, they actually found a cowardly ordinary person.”

    “Fart! All the monsters in the other world were killed by him alone. You fucking call this a cowardly ordinary person?”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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