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I Am Invincible After Awakening the Superman Gene

I Am Invincible After Awakening the Superman Gene
217 Chapters
920.5 K views

I Am Invincible After Awakening the Superman Gene

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    Novel Summary

    Exploding stars with one punch, extinguishing the sun with breath, crossing the universe in an instant, Retinazer destroying everything… This is the Superman gene!

    In the future world, human genes will mutate, and the awakened ones who control various powerful forces will quickly dominate the world.

    Awakened people can imitate powerful beasts such as tigers and leopards, and can also control terrifying elements such as wind and fire, and can even extract souls and edit memories…

    The traverser Qin Mo awakened the superman gene when he was 23 years old, and he could gain attribute points by absorbing the energy of the sun, gradually adding points to unlock the powerful power unique to superman.

    So he went to work every day like this, touched fish, basked in the sun, and added points.

    Before he knew it, he realized that he was going to be invincible…

    Qin Mo: “I’m sorry, but in the face of absolute power and invincible defense, everything you have is nothing but bells and whistles.”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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