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Honkai Q&A, Starting with Kiana

Honkai Q&A, Starting with Kiana
354 Chapters
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Honkai Q&A, Starting with Kiana

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    Novel Summary

    When it collapses, it is impossible to speak, the imaginary number tree in the quantum sea.

    Along with the prosperity of civilization, the disaster called Honkai will come silently.

    Apocalypse, Famine, Herrscher, End.

    No one is the savior of the world, only the warriors who fight for a better world.

    However, in an accident, they got an accidental gift against the collapsed and successful civilization.

    The information called the future, the reward in line with the heart, and the punishment of sorrow.

    Can they use this to meet the challenge of collapse?

    Bronya: Betrayal is a silver smile.

    Raiden Mei: I will fall into darkness, and you will return to light.

    Kiana: I’m Kiana, also k423, and more importantly, Xilin.

    Otto: Old friend, I’m not lying.


    [ps: Exposure stream movie-viewing body collapse novel. 】

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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