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His One Love

His One Love
54 Chapters
179.5 K views

His One Love

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    Novel Summary

    Lu Wanwan transmigrated inside a melodramatic and rich-businessman-type novel called The Rich Young Master’s Gentle Love. In the original novel, the eldest young miss of the Lu family was a one-hundred percent white lotus, she despised the male lead Shen Yi for having neither money nor influence, she forced him to divorce her and after their divorce, she cruelly crushed him under her feet.

    Who knew that after dumping Shen Yi, he would have such a fast meteoric rise ? Shen Yi, that man, was bloody, ruthless and tyrannical. His temper was bad, he would take revenge for any small grievance and held grudge like a mad demon.

    Lu Wanwan, who just transmigrated, cautiously and diligently, tried to win his favor in order to avoid the series of seeking-death acts of the original novel.

    The first time, she was locked up by the male lead.

    The second time she was locked-up again by the male lead !

    The third time, Lu Wanwan decided she was going to be a greedy, vain, fake and unreasonable white lotus !

    To hell with currying favor.

    Divorce ! She wants to divorce Shen Yi.

    - Description from Novelupdates


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