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Heroic King

Heroic King
1150 Chapters
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Heroic King

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    Novel Summary

    When I woke up, I found that I had returned to two years ago. The Eternal Realm, which is said to be a fusion of Heroes and Warcraft elements, has just started its public beta. In this life, Lin Han is no longer willing to be an unknown little lord. He secretly vowed that he would Take your own troops to conquer the world, to strive for something that has never been seen in the previous life.

    Legendary heroes are fighting in the sky, the saintess of the underworld are whispering on the battlefield, the ripples of death bring the despair of the underworld, in the darkness, the death knight is roaring unwillingly, the bone dragon and the frost dragon occupy the sky, and the textile girl is tied The cobwebs of death waited for the prey to come, and the haters waved their kitchen knives and came with ghouls. The undead army was attacked again by the sword’s edge, shocking everyone in the world.

    And Lin Han will lead them to sweep over the world, conquer all the enemies who dare to stand in front of him, and finally become king!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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