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Harry Potter’s Strongest Senior

Harry Potter’s Strongest Senior
467 Chapters
656.6 K views

Harry Potter’s Strongest Senior

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    Novel Summary

    “Sean Grylls, the man at the top of the magic world.”

    Rita Skeeter: “No, no gimmicks. Change to the things Grylls and Dumbledore had to say.”

    Snape: “You guys are the worst I have ever taken. Except for Sean, it’s good. Sean is the first again. Slytherin adds 10 points.”

    Hermione: “Senior Shaun, can I ask you a question?”

    Harry: “Why are the boys who survived the same catastrophe? Why is the difference so big?”

    Dumbledore: “Sean is the best student ever at Hogwarts, not one of them.”

    Shaun: “Why are you @我, it’s tiring to be a celebrity.”

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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