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Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament

Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament
164 Chapters
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Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament

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    Summary The world changed the day that cracks appeared in the sky– suddenly monsters named『Demonic Beasts』appeared and began to rampage, attacking people. Meanwhile, girls called『Magical Girls』began to appear to counter the demonic beasts. As they defeated the demonic beasts, gradually people’s lives gained a semblance of composure. –but when there is light, there is also darkness. In the corner of an alleyway, a boy who had been attacked by a demonic beast was dying. His voice begging for help did not reach anyone and his body refused to move. 「Boy. Do you want to be saved?」 Looking into the boy’s face, a black cat began to speak to him. The boy nodded firmly to the devilishly sweet invitation, in response the black cat mocked him. 「Is that so—then I’ll【Haunt (Save)】you」 —on that day, a『Magical Girl』was born in a place that no-one knew. 『She』never laments, no matter what the future may bring. Show More