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Group Pet Little Fat Baby: I Have Four Big Daddies

Group Pet Little Fat Baby: I Have Four Big Daddies
106 Chapters
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Group Pet Little Fat Baby: I Have Four Big Daddies

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    Novel Summary

    Ye Qianning has become a six-year-old Xiaotuanzi. Not only does she have dual-line abilities, but she also has four fathers.


    Tuanzi cried and chirped, and the four big bosses in the prime of life of the imperial capital were all in a mess in the wind.

    Wenchen’s father: “Little girl, father can’t be mistaken, hurry up and go back where you came from.”

    Father Fox: “If I have a daughter, she must be the most beautiful woman in the world. How can I be as fat as a ball!”

    Huang Shang’s father: “Three generations of my Gu family can’t have a daughter, how could she be the seed of my Gu family.”

    The general’s father was very excited: “Hahaha, I was destined to have no children, and God suddenly gave me a meat bun. Let’s go, my daughter and father go home!”

    A little girl suddenly appeared in the General’s Mansion, which provoked several influential people in the capital to lie on the corner every day, and finally stopped leaving. Qi Qi said, when will my daughter go home with them, and when will they leave.

    The general’s father was angry: “Why didn’t you recognize it back then, now whoever dares to snatch my daughter from me, I will fight with him.”

    The serious young lady next to her whispered with her little hands behind her back: “She will marry me as a daughter-in-law when she grows up.”

    Hearing that the eyes of the four big bosses were on fire, it was extremely dangerous.

    Tuanzi looked at the drama that was performed every day, and helplessly supported her forehead: “She just wants to raise a big space so that she can live a long life… Don’t lose the vest.”

    “Group Pet” “One to One, Childhood Sweetheart”

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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