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Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother
482 Chapters
404.5 K views

Futuristic Chef Transmigrated As Mother

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    Novel Summary

    Originally titled “The End of the World Chef’s Journey through the Story of Bringing Babies”

    The era is empty, the life is plain, and the role of space is auxiliary, not the main plot.

    Qin Xiaoguo did a good job as a cook in the last days, but who would have thought that she would travel to a famine era when she couldn’t get enough to eat.

    I opened my eyes and looked at myself, naked, with dark hands and a face that I couldn’t see clearly. Before I could figure it out, I was thrown down by a force, and then I screamed, mother!

    Well, Qin Xiaoguo admitted that from the end of the world in 3042 to the 42nd year of Shao Kingdom, spanning three thousand years of time and space, looking at the poor and barely calling home, and the cheap and thin people who hugged their legs and cried bitterly and were hungry. Black son, do it!

    Fortunately, there is also a little comfort that his net worth in the last days has come with him, and it has also become a space ring.

    Son, my mother won’t starve you! Dry it!

    A few years later, Xiaoguo was very relieved to see the fat and white son, but what was the matter with this man who came to the door! ?

    The man looked pitifully at the lady who wouldn’t let him in: lady~

    Small fruit? ? ? ?

    - Description from MTLNovel


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