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Fantasy: So I Am a Peerless Expert

Fantasy: So I Am a Peerless Expert
1377 Chapters
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Fantasy: So I Am a Peerless Expert

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    Novel Summary

    Li Yixi passed through, but the system exploded. In this world of spiritual practice, he was a mortal, panicking.

    Can only stay in the courtyard of system rewards and dare not take a step.

    But he didn’t know that the dog he raised was the Supreme Demon Emperor.

    The calligraphy and painting he wrote casually, there are countless strong outsiders vying for the supreme mastery of enlightenment.

    The fish he raises is a dragon above the nine heavens.

    The cat in his arms is a nine-headed lion.

    The sparrow on his eaves is a big Peng bird that crosses the sky.

    The peach grove in his backyard is the flat peach of the fairy world.

    His chess is based on the big road.

    His piano sounded, and the empress came across the ten thousand realms just to listen silently.

    Supreme Asura, the Nine Heavens Devil Emperor is here, and he has to bow his head and call the son.

    ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Finally one day, Li Yixi only realized that I am a peerless expert!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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