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Extraordinary Bloodline Integration

Extraordinary Bloodline Integration
821 Chapters
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Extraordinary Bloodline Integration

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    Novel Summary

    When the MOBA character template crossed into the MMORPG [foreign land] world, Mo Cheng felt that there was something wrong with the painting style of this world.

    “Thinking of the king of dragon descendants with four wings and three heads, he flew into and out of Qingming with four wings, but was torn apart by me.”

    “The demon king who rolled up the eternal night and devoured the light, killed with a sharp blade, and created spirits with power, was also bombarded by me with the supreme holy light.”

    The giant dragon roared, the mountains and rivers shook, and the earth mourned. The holy light shines, expels darkness, and purifies the world.

    Shadows, darkness, and villains trembled in front of Mo Cheng.

    “Now, face me!”

    “Face, justice!”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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