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Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts

Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts
199 Chapters
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Duke, Please Stop Because it Hurts

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    Summary Molitia Clemence was born sickly. She forgot to cover herself with a blanket and caught a cold. She woke up next to her husband after 10 days just because of a slight cold. Molitia barely survived between the thin threads of life and death. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her husband was somehow acting differently than usual…?! *** “Have you eaten?” (Husband) “Yes.” (Molitia) “This is the belly of a person who ate?” (Husband) He frowned as he stroked her flat lower abdomen. He held her wrist carefully, as if it would break. His voice rose. “Why is your wrist so thin? Are you even human?” (Husband) “That’s…” (Molitia) “Butler!” (Husband) The butler rushed to his angry voice, fidgeting with his wrists. “Get me food for my wife to eat. Something that will help her stay healthy. Anything is fine.” (Husband) Molitia’s mouth opened at her husband’s words, but no sound came out. ‘I just had a meal?’ Show More

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