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Dressed As the Scum a In the Campus Literature

Dressed As the Scum a In the Campus Literature
206 Chapters
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Dressed As the Scum a In the Campus Literature

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    Novel Summary

    Copy 1: Mo Yuxin has become a scumbag in a college campus text.
    Yuan Shi’s family is poor, but she has always been set up as a poor scholar when she was in college. Many omegas have a good impression of Yuan Shi, and Yuan Shi will not refuse. During this period, she fell in love with the most wealthy family in the fish pond. The good heroine Su Yubing coaxed Su Yubing to have a child with herself.
    But Su Yubing’s parents did not agree with their relationship. Su Yubing cut off contact with the family for the original body. The original body wanted to eat soft rice but had no source of income, so he immediately kicked the heroine and asked the heroine to kill the child. , and threw himself into the arms of other Omegas in the fish pond.
    Later, the female protagonist raised her daughter alone, during which she met the male protagonist Xu Zefeng. Together, the two exposed the hypocritical mask of the original body, so that the original body, who climbed to a high position by eating soft rice, was ruined.
    Mo Yuxin didn’t want to be a scumbag.
    So, she started her own business and earned her first pot of gold; when the cub was sick, she was busy running before and after; when Su Yubing was blocked by the gangsters in the bar, she stepped forward.. .
    Until Su Yubing got rid of the unfavorable plot in the original book, and the cub was almost a year old, Mo Yuxin finally breathed a sigh of relief, she finally changed the unfavorable plot in the original book, Su Yubing can also be with hers The male protagonist of destiny is together, but why is my heart a little sour?
    Copy 2: Su Yubing learned from a friend that Mo Yuxin was leaving Xining City, and anxiously went back to the small house where they lived to find Mo Yuxin, and saw that Mo Yuxin had packed her luggage.
    Mo Yu explained with some guilty conscience: “I’m going to leave here and earn more money for the baby’s milk powder.”
    Su Yubing’s eyes were red, and her voice trembled when she spoke: “Mo Yuxin, don’t you want me and the baby again?”
    Note: 1. Artist Weibo: Qi Jiuzi
    2. If there is no prototype, don’t make up your mind at will.
    3. The author is weird, and if I scold me, I will be dumb.
    4. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me if you give up the article.
    5. Thank you for the little cuties who accompanied us all the way, and work hard!

    Content tags: Inspirational life Sweet text Wearing books Shuangwen
    Search keywords: Protagonist: Mo Yuxin, Su Yubing ┃ Supporting role: “Fall in love with your ex after breaking up” ┃ Others:

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