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Doraemon: My Nobita! Join Chat Group

Doraemon: My Nobita! Join Chat Group
414 Chapters
270.5 K views

Doraemon: My Nobita! Join Chat Group

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    Novel Summary

    After crossing into the world of Doraemon, he became Nobita.

    With an invincible treasure bag, the life of a primary school student is simply boring.

    I am preparing to let Shizuka grow up as soon as possible, so that she can marry and go home as a daughter-in-law.

    【Ding! You have joined the chat**]

    Astronaut Liu Peiqiang: “The sun is about to explode! Who will help me if I give out 200 points~”

    “Enlarge the flashlight, shrink the Earth, or shrink the sun and throw it away~”

    The richest man, Iron Man: “There’s a purple potato monster who wants to kill half of the universe! I’ll give out all my wealth! Come and help!”

    “Time stopper! You can stop the time in the entire universe, and you will kill him again! Perfect!”

    “Well, is the time stopper used to kill people?”

    “Can you lend me this thing?”

    “I have a bold idea!”


    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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