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Doom Girl Must Die

Doom Girl Must Die
1469 Chapters
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Doom Girl Must Die

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    Novel Summary

    It’s a magical world with a meteor shower every Sunday.

    In the falling meteor shower, there will be a certain chance of giving birth to magical treasures-elemental elves.

    The known pixies are:

    Green pixie, can increase crop yield.

    Purple elf, can randomly improve the quality of plants.

    The yellow elf can make the land randomly contain certain minerals.

    Smurfs can turn the land into a favorite habitat for certain creatures.

    Of course, most of the time, the meteor showers are not necessarily elves, but terrifying bloodthirsty dark creatures…

    Lord Earl issued a decree to invite his son-in-law, allowing the baron’s second son to have a title and territory, and have the opportunity to fight for 30 years less.

    But this territory is not easy to take, because it is a notorious place of doom, the second son of the waste was frightened to death after learning about the situation of the territory, at this moment, a soul from the earth possessed him. on the body…

    What? The land of doom?

    This is obviously a lucky place, isn’t it?

    Don’t you see how moist my life is now?

    Don’t you see how happy my serfs are?

    Dark creatures?

    Sorry, it’s just a courier…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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