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Don’t Pretend, I’m Actually Taking Special Forces

Don’t Pretend, I’m Actually Taking Special Forces
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Don’t Pretend, I’m Actually Taking Special Forces

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    Novel Summary

    Another year of enlistment season, the recruit company is a rare encounter in a hundred years, bringing together a group of unruly thorns with sky-high backgrounds!

    When everyone was at a loss, Qin Yuan recommended himself to be a recruit company commander and began to build the strongest special force!

    In the annual large-scale military exercise, recruit companies are allowed to participate and are responsible for simple logistics.

    However, when the red side was retreating, a miraculous scene appeared on the battlefield.

    The head of a reconnaissance regiment of the Blue Army: “Report! The red team cheated! Our reinforcement regiment was defeated by the enemy’s special forces, but the enemy actually made a poor excuse to call himself a recruit company!”

    Brigade commander of a rocket brigade of the Blue Army: “Can’t you afford to lose? Special forces are not allowed to participate in this exercise! Your red team actually dispatched special forces?”

    The Blue Army’s superior roared angrily: “It’s just nonsense! I was shot in the head with special forces in violation of the rules? You also quibble that you are a recruit company?”

    Qin Yuan smiled lightly: Don’t pretend, actually… I’m bringing special forces!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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