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Did the Queen’s Vest Fall Out?

Did the Queen’s Vest Fall Out?
1433 Chapters
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Did the Queen’s Vest Fall Out?

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    Novel Summary

    The most famous trash in Xingchen No.1 Middle School actually came back to class?
    The waste Bai Qi also said: I want to study hard. Everyone was silent as they watched her penultimate result…

    But…wait! What is the operation of the full score? After the exam, what is the operation after going to film and get a movie?

    At the same time, the intranet of a certain group has been hacked continuously, and the boss has been inquiring for several months. The intrusion address is actually in a high school computer room? !

    The hacker hired by the high salary looked at the deciphering code: Wan Duzi, I seem to have accidentally stripped the boss’s vest…

    Bai Qi is very calm: don’t panic, just lost a vest!

    The corners of a certain boss’s lips twitched: Only one? Then I’ll try again?

    Enthusiastic netizens: This melon is so fragrant! Don’t stop! The big guy is doing his best to continue digging!

    Bai Qi: …

    [Shuangqiang + big boss all kinds of horses falling off + cool personality + cool text, don’t miss it when you pass by, shake your little hand, you will have a collection~]

    - Description from MTLNovel


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