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Conan: Eternal Darkness

Conan: Eternal Darkness
283 Chapters
30.8 K views

Conan: Eternal Darkness

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    Novel Summary

    He is destined to belong to the night, growing up in the extreme darkness, and behind the indifference and mystery is the pain of bruises all over his body. He came from the dark and looked into the light from afar; he came from hell and looked into the world from afar. The chaotic life experience has created a unique strength, what kind of loneliness and coldness is hidden behind the casual disguise? He is called Kurosawa, a boy who has long lost his heart; also called Jinjiu, a gold-medal killer of a black organization; or… he is the god-like king of purgatory, whose emotions have been wiped out, who can warm the frozen soul ?

    - Description from MTLNovel


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