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City Favorability Value System

City Favorability Value System
1118 Chapters
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City Favorability Value System

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    Novel Summary

    Lin Fan travels to the parallel game world and binds the favorability value system——

    Ding, host and beauty hold hands, reward: one hundred thousand dollars!

    Ding, the host hugs the beautiful woman’s waist, reward: $200,000!

    Ding, the host kisses the beauty, reward: 500,000 US dollars!

    Ding, the host and the beauty are in love…!

    Picking up girls and picking up girls have become Lin Fan’s daily life, as long as the more beauties you have,

    The more money you have, the richest man in the world, perhaps only overnight!

    In addition to money, you can also earn points for knocking down beautiful women and turn on goodwill points

    The mall has all kinds of black technologies, what you want, what you have!

    (This story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental and should not be imitated.)

    - Description from MTLNovel


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