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Big Guys’ Little Milk Group is a Black Heart Lotus

Big Guys’ Little Milk Group is a Black Heart Lotus
1051 Chapters
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Big Guys’ Little Milk Group is a Black Heart Lotus

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    Novel Summary

    In order to save the fate of his brothers, Su Ruanruan, a high IQ with countless skills, made a self-made system to travel back to the four-year-old little milk group period.

    Big brother, heir to the Su family: upstart in the business world, cold and expensive, cruel and merciless.

    The second brother, a cool racer: arrogant and indifferent, not many people are ruthless.

    Third brother, a genius scientist: a wise, knowledgeable, and emotional research machine.

    Fourth brother, superstar: unruly, top-notch in the entertainment industry.

    Fifth elder brother, one bear child: a grumpy, high IQ, but what can’t you do, messing up the first place.

    Suddenly one day, several big brothers are vying to go home and pet the little milk group.

    “I am the big brother, and the money I make is soft.”

    “The world’s latest high-tech, soft and casual play.”

    “I will bring Xiaoruan to crush the racing world.”

    “Xiao Ruan Ruan walks sideways with me in the entertainment industry.”

    “Me?” Brother Fifth looked tangled, “Xiao Ruanruan, do you want to be the eldest sister in school?”

    Afterwards, the limp, who was soaked in a honeypot under the elder brothers’ pet, was stared at by the vicious wolf cub.

    Brothers clenched fists: Which kid is impatient with life, why dare to beat our soft idea?

    A big guy from the future: By the way, I have more money than the big brother, my racing skills are higher than the second brother, my scientific research results are better than the third brother, my number of fans crushes the fourth brother…

    - Description from MTLNovel


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