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Becoming Stronger Through Touching Treasures, not Women!

Becoming Stronger Through Touching Treasures, not Women!
61 Chapters

Becoming Stronger Through Touching Treasures, not Women!

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    Novel Summary

    One day, an alienation took place in the world.

    The last object you touch will be strengthened and become part of your body. What will you touch?

    The day has come.

    Someone finally touched a cow. His bones turned into beasts, his body was tall and straight, with horns on his head, and he became the world-shaking cow demon king;

    Someone finally touched a stone, and his skin could be petrified at will, making him invulnerable;

    Someone finally touched a hair, and his body grew strange hairs, becoming a long-haired monster;

    Someone finally touched…

    In the end, Li Qingshan became a cultivator.

    Just when Li Qingshan thought everything was on the right track, strange things happened to him…

    When the alienation ends, the earth turns into a planet after a brief period of tranquility, crashing into a continent full of opportunities.

    After being reborn, Li Qingshan has assumed the responsibility of protecting all human beings invisibly…

    This is a chance, but also a disaster, if it were you, what would you touch?

    - Description from MTLNovel


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