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Be the Mayor From Today

Be the Mayor From Today
1797 Chapters
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Be the Mayor From Today

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    Novel Summary

    Liu Feng unexpectedly has the ability to travel back and forth between other worlds, and also has an inner space, acting as a second-order dealer in two worlds.

    When he bought a city in another world with a glass from the earth, he began to live as a nobleman as a city lord in another world.

    This is a cold-weapon and wonderful otherworld. The cat-eared girl, the fox-eared girl, the rabbit-eared girl, and the elf princess that have never been seen on earth… In this other world, Liu Feng can see it at any time.

    Princess: Liu Feng’s city is the happiest city in the world.

    Princess: I absolutely want to move in, even if I give up my status as a princess.

    Bachelor: The technologies and concepts used in Liu Feng’s city are a thousand years ahead of the world.

    King: There is the tallest building in the world, where the strangest things in the world gather, and there is the richest and most magical city in the world.

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