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Be an Item Master From a Full-time Hunter

Be an Item Master From a Full-time Hunter

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    Novel Summary

    Maureen, who sorted out Doraemon’s prop data, traveled to the world of full-time hunters.

    Awakened the ability of thinking of [Four-Dimensional Treasure Bag]!

    All kinds of props in Doraemon can be extracted and used!

    Can’t understand hunter language? It’s okay, [Translation Konjac] Come out!

    Short of food and water? 【Gourmet Tablecloth】Learn about it~! !

    There are also the [Bamboo Dragonfly] flying in the sky, the [Any Door] that can reach any corner of the world, the [Timer] that pauses time…

    When these props showed their powerful effects in the hands of Mo Lin, he also became a well-deserved prop master in this world! !

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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