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Be a Human Again From Conan

Be a Human Again From Conan
628 Chapters
102.1 K views

Be a Human Again From Conan

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    Novel Summary

    Karate wins Kyogokuma, faster than a gun within seven steps.

    Adept at climbing skyscrapers to catch snipers.

    Let Gin break the defense and drive the helicopter to go out.

    This is an infinitely streamed fanfiction. The first world crosses Conan, and there will be animations such as Sea of ​​Dead Fire, Dragon Ball, Academy City, Under One, and Battle of Two Cities in the future. Stay tuned.

    [Siyang’s seventh novel, there are thousands of premium products such as “Naruto: Long Time to See”, “I have been guarding the city of advancement for 100 years with pirates”, and six thousand premium products “Ninja World Correction Belt”, etc., quality assurance, The outline is complete, and there is no eunuch record, please rest assured to bookmark and read! 】

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