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Be Modest, My Master of Imperial Guards

Be Modest, My Master of Imperial Guards
510 Chapters
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Be Modest, My Master of Imperial Guards

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    Novel Summary

    Ten years ago, Leng Qingtang rescued Gu Yunxi, orphan of a “sinful” criminal, all by himself, in order to repay his gratitude. Unexpectedly, they were tripped by their destiny. Ten years later, Yunxi heard and believed the false accusation, and bit the hands that fed her. With just one wrong move, love extinguished, and hate appeared. It was a game of power or love. She risked her life and he bet on his love. It turned out that Gu Yunxi was a princess and Leng Qingtang wasn’t a real eunuch. People believed that she ended up in a miserable life! What do you think? Why did Leng Qingtang send Yunxi into the Palace? What was their destiny? Would the fake eunuch win the fair lady?

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