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Basketball: Starting with the Slam Dunk

Basketball: Starting with the Slam Dunk
416 Chapters
517.3 K views

Basketball: Starting with the Slam Dunk

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    Novel Summary

    When Lin Yu woke up, he found himself in the world of slam dunk, bound to a ball god development system.

    With the help of the ball god system, Lin Badminton’s skills improved by leaps and bounds, and soon surpassed the ace of each team.

    Sakuragi: Lin Yu, how did you make such rapid progress? Can you teach me the secret?

    Rukawa Kaede: With Lin Yu in Japan, can I still be number one in Japan before going to the United States?

    Xiandao: In the Xiangbei basketball team, the most difficult person is not Akagi, nor Rukawa Feng, but Lin Yu.

    Amu: This Lin Yu is too scary, I’m afraid even Zhu Xing is not his opponent.

    Zebei: Fortunately, he is one level lower than me. Facing him in the same grade, I am afraid I will leave a shadow.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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