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Astral Apostle

Astral Apostle
274 Chapters
695.6 K views

Astral Apostle

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    Novel Summary

    The interstellar expansion of human civilization, the territory and territory traverse the starry sky.

    In the era of interstellar immigration, Zhou Jing accidentally awakened the power of shuttle between the astral realms and created the [Astral Apostle] as a carrier to carry his own soul, put it into different planes, and walk in various realms with different identities.

    The established life trajectory has ushered in a turning point, and each incarnation created is like a new life.

    However, he slowly discovered that it seems that human civilization is not ignorant of many planes…


    Diverse planes, diverse camps, their respective destiny collides with all worlds!

    And he is the only one who walks through it with ever-changing postures, the astral traveler!

    - Description from MTLNovel


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