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American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman

American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman
1426 Chapters
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American Comics: Opening Guidance Batman

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    Novel Summary

    Once through, Schiller became Batman’s teacher, a professor of psychology at Gotham University.

    On the first day, Bruce Wayne entered the psychiatric clinic.

    Schiller had to open the Meiman chat system and posted the first post: Batman asked me the meaning of life, how should I answer? It’s a hurry to wait online.

    Thanos: It is recommended to kill directly.

    Professor X: Don’t listen to the upstairs, I’ll use your mind-reading skills…

    Schiller Andel Rodriguez, a world-class master of criminal psychology, the most famous psychology professor at Gotham University, his students are both superheroes and super criminals, but he does not belong to any of them, bat Xia likes to call him “Professor”, Joker calls him “the coolest lunatic”, Scarecrow calls him “Arkham slipper”, and Nick Fury thinks he’s a “getter.”

    Be Batman’s teacher, Spider’s godfather, Iron Man’s psychiatrist, Schiller’s journey to American comics, starting with Batman at the beginning.

    Comprehensive comics (including the movie universe), DC Marvel and other comics, do not abuse the main character, and the supporting roles do not lose their wisdom.

    (Don’t worry about the title, it’s not an invincible brain-damaged essay.)

    - Description from NewNovel.Net


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