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All Hail Cousin Brother

All Hail Cousin Brother
999 Chapters
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All Hail Cousin Brother

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    Novel Summary

    The male and female protagonists are not related by blood!

    Yu Youyao had a nightmare.

    In the dream, she married Song Mingzhao, the prince of Zhen Guohou, and became the medicine lead of the third sister Yu Jianjia.

    After three years of taking blood from her heart, Yu Youyao ran out of oil and was gouged out to death.

    After waking up, nine-year-old Yu Youyao’s heart was trembling, and she hugged her cousin’s thigh from Youzhou: “Cousin, I will treat you well for the rest of my life.”

    Zhou Linghuai then supported her, and took her all the way to glory and splendor to the world.

    Yu Youyao was fifteen years old,

    Song Mingzhao, the prince of Zhen Guohou, came to propose marriage,

    Zhou Linghuai blocked Yu Youyao in the corner and said hoarsely, “Don’t marry someone else!”

    King You conspired to rebel and beheaded the whole family. His son Yin Huaixi, who took the pseudonym Zhou Linghuai, lived in Yufu with the heart of a disobedient minister and hatred of eroding bones.

    Everyone laughed at him as a cripple, only the little girl squatted in front of him and felt sorry for him: “Cousin, does it hurt?”

    Zhou Linghuai fulfilled his wish: “Use a body of flesh and blood to shield her from the wind and rain, keep her dress free from dust, protect her temples from frost, protect her for a lifetime, and give her a lifetime of prosperity.”

    1V1, men and women are clean physically and mentally

    The old article “Rebirth of the Giants: The Return of the Devil’s Daughter”, I am willing to live up to the wait, friends, please collect, comment, and reward for support!

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