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Age of Evolution: Opening Awakening Tenseiken

Age of Evolution: Opening Awakening Tenseiken
327 Chapters
29.4 K views

Age of Evolution: Opening Awakening Tenseiken

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    Novel Summary

    In the new century, human beings are no longer dominated by the blue star, surrounded by monsters!

    Terrible zombies roam the wilderness endlessly; mutated monsters occupy the city and are extremely vicious; there are also fierce beasts from outside the world descending on the surface and sweeping across the wilderness!

    The abyss interface, the zombie universe, the outer world…

    When the bonfire of human civilization was ignited again and the light of evolution illuminated the earth, people discovered that everything has just begun…

    (real profile)

    “I’m really not an evolutionary…”

    Someone sighed helplessly.

    Behind him, the evolutionaries stared blankly at Su Qi, who was stepping on the black Taoist Jade, holding the Tianmarsh Spear, opening the blue reincarnated eyes, surrounded by green flames, and had just killed the Abyss Lord with a golden sword.

    “…Before you say this, move your feet away from the demon god’s face, hey!”

    “Everyone is crying…”

    - Description from MTLNovel


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