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Age of Elves: God-Level Landing

Age of Elves: God-Level Landing
321 Chapters
291.7 K views

Age of Elves: God-Level Landing

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    Novel Summary

    When he woke up, Luochen found that he had crossed over, and he was also carrying a ‘God-level landing system’.

    One day, a game called “Pokémon OL” came to earth.

    Everything in this game can be brought to reality.

    And people in this world don’t know Pokémon at all, they don’t know anything about Pokémon.

    The most important thing is that Luochen’s god-level login system can log in to the game a year earlier than others.

    one year later……

    The people who had just started logging into the game saw that above the sky, Luo Chen was commanding his elf to start a shocking battle with Rift Seat, smashing the sky to smithereens.

    Their hearts were surging, and they vowed to become as powerful as this NPC!

    But when the game’s world announcement sounded: “Congratulations to the player Luo Chen, defeating the sky lord Kaikongza!”

    The whole world fell into an eerie silence.

    - Description from MTLNovel


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