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A Hogwarts Esoteric Leader

A Hogwarts Esoteric Leader
265 Chapters
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A Hogwarts Esoteric Leader

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    Novel Summary

    In 1991, the 11-year-old Univer Garrel made a preliminary plan for his future life:

    The first step is to go to an unscrupulous company and do the grassroots.

    The second step is to get rid of unscrupulous competitors and unscrupulous direct supervisors, and get promoted.

    The third step is to get rid of the unscrupulous boss and occupy the magpie’s nest.

    In this way, we can not only sweep away the rubbish of society, but also achieve our own wishes.


    “Hermione Granger? Hogwarts? Little wizard ready?”

    Is this the Harry Potter world?


    The flow of meetings, the book is also known as “Hogwarts Patronus”, “England is the day of nuclear peace”, “Why does the Ministry of Magic always work overtime? “, “Queen Hermione’s Way”, “About My Believer Is Azkaban’s Successor”, “Dumbledore Is My Loyal Fan”, “In-depth Study of Illuminating and Iron Charms and application”……

    - Description from MTLNovel


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