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Martial God Asura

Chapter 3083 - End This Battle
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Chapter 3083 - End This Battle

The Chu Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief’s words were like a sudden clap of thunder. They shook everyone from the Chu Heavenly Clan.

In all these years, no one had been able to successfully learn and master the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield.

Not even their Lord Clan Chief was able to accomplish that feat.

Yet, Chu Feng accomplished it. There was no need to speak as to what this signified.

After verifying that Chu Feng was using the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield, Chu Xuanzhengfa was extremely excited. However, he soon sighed and said, “It would appear that the outcof the battle today will likely be undecided.”

“Milord, what do you mean by that?”

Once Chu Xuanzhengfa’s words were spoken, he was immediately questioned by the Chu Heavenly Clansmen. Actually, rather than questioning Chu Xuanzhengfa, it was more like they were trying to verify their guesses.

“The Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield is our clan’s martial skill. I believe you all know very well how powerful its defensive capabilities are.”

“And now, it has also completely revealed its extraordinary defense to us. This can be seen by how Chu Feng was able to easily defend against Li Anzhi’s unceasing attacks.”

“Unfortunately, whilst the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield is a rare Immortal Taboo Martial Skill, it is actually inferior to Li Anzhi’s Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield.”

“Firstly, the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield only possesses defensive capabilities. It is a purely defensive martial skill, and is simply unable to attack at all. Li Anzhi’s Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield, on the other hand, is capable of attacking. Furthermore, its offensive capabilities are also very powerful.”

“Moreover, even if we are to disregard offensive capabilities and take only the defensive capabilities into consideration, the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield’s defensive strength should be inferior to the Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield’s.”

“Right now, the reason why the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield is capable of neutralizing Li Anzhi’s attacks is actually all because of Chu Feng’s heaven-defying secret skills that increased his battle power.”

“If the person using the Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Sphere right now were not Chu Feng, but instead someone else, they would likely be unable to neutralize Li Anzhi’s attacks.”

“Furthermore, the most frightening aspect about Li Anzhi’s Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield is not its fierce attacks, but rather its enormously powerful defense.”

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“With the defensive prowess of the Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield, Chu Feng will likely be unable to cause any harm to Li Anzhi either.”

“With this, Chu Feng and Li Anzhi are in a deadlock, with neither party being able to cause any harm to the other,” Chu Xuanzhengfa said.

“It is as Milord said, the situation at hand really is like that.”

Once Chu Xuanzhengfa said those words, the Chu Heavenly Clansmen all nodded in approval.

Actually, even without Chu Xuanzhengfa’s explanation, many of the people present were also able to determine what the situation was.

“Actually, a result like this is already extremely good. After all, Chu Feng’s opponent is one of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, Li Anzhi.”

“Furthermore, Chu Feng’s actual cultivation is weaker than Li Anzhi’s. Thus, it would be equivalent to him defeating someone stronger than him.”

“Even if this battle ends in a tie, it is still equivalent to Chu Feng’s victory.”

“Our Chu Heavenly Clan is truly fortunate to have Chu Feng. Otherwise, we would be completely humiliated today.”

At that moment, many Chu Heavenly Clansmen began to look at Chu Feng with pride in their eyes.

This was the first tChu Feng had been acknowledged since his return to the Chu Heavenly Clan.

Actually, their reactions were understandable. After all, no matter how Chu Feng had revealed his heaven-defying talent to them before, he was only proving himself.

However, it was different today. Today, Chu Feng was fighting for their Chu Heavenly Clan.

What Chu Feng carried on his back today was not only his own reputation and honor. Instead, it was their entire Chu Heavenly Clan’s reputation and honor.

And now, Chu Feng had managed to win honor and glory for their Chu Heavenly Clan. As members of the Chu Heavenly Clan, how could they not be proud of Chu Feng?


Suddenly, a downcast curse was heard.

That curse cfrom Li Anzhi’s mouth.

Li Anzhi was no longer attacking Chu Feng. Instead, he was gasping for breath, and completely drenched in sweat.

It would appear that controlling the Immortal Taboo: Windblade Shield to unleash nonstop attacks at Chu Feng had put quite a burden on him.

Unfortunately, he was still unable to breach Chu Feng’s Immortal Taboo: Atmosphere Shield. That was why he was feeling so flustered and exasperated; why he went so far as to curse out loud.

Likely, he himself also knew that he must win today. Otherwise, even if they were to tie, it would be equivalent to his loss.

After all, Chu Feng’s cultivation was an entire level below his.

“What’s wrong? Are you tired?” Chu Feng said to Li Anzhi. His tone was filled with mockery.


Hearing Chu Feng’s mocking words, Li Anzhi turned red with anger, and began to gnash his teeth. However, he did not explode with rage.

The reason for that was because he was unable to find a justification for exploding in rage. After all, he was insufficiently talented. If he were to explode into a rage, he would only becan object of ridicule for others.

However, while Li Anzhi restrained his anger, his younger brother was unable to do the same.

“Chu Feng, why are you acting so arrogant?!” Li Anzhi’s younger brother Li Tianyou shouted.

“Arrogant? Am I?” Chu Feng smiled. Then, he spread his arms and shrugged his shoulders, “Very well, I admit that my words today were a bit arrogant.”

“However, I would like to ask you this, so what if I am arrogant? What can you possibly do about it?”

“You!!!” Hearing those words, Li Tianyou started to gnash his teeth angrily. The finger he was pointing at Chu Feng started to tremble with rage.

“Me? What about me?”

“I, Chu Feng, am arrogant today. However, I possess the qualifications to be arrogant. As for you...”

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“Oh, I’ve nearly forgotten. Back in the Upper Realm Gate, you were much more arrogant thantoday. Unfortunately... you do not possess sufficient qualifications.”

As he said those words, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew even more distinct. It was an extremely mocking smile.

“Chu Feng, you damned bastard! The future is long, don’t you continue to act this arrogant! I, Li Tianyou, will definitely rip your mouth apart one day!” Li Tianyou exploded with rage. He was truly enraged by Chu Feng.

He knew best as to what had happened in the Upper Realm Gate that day.

He had first mocked Chu Feng and acted extremely arrogantly. However, in the end, he was ruthlessly beaten up by Chu Feng.

Not only was he completely disgraced, but he was also completely battered. To him, it was a humiliation that he would never be able to erase in his entire life.

Li Tianyou had been trying his hardest to conceal his humiliation. However, Chu Feng actually decided to tear at his wound and humiliate him before all these people. It was only natural that Li Tianyou would not be able to tolerate it.

Seeing Li Tianyou’s reaction, the crowd recalled what Chu Feng had said earlier. Actually, the people present were able to guess what had happened between them.

At that moment, many of the Chu Heavenly Clan’s younger generations were unable to contain themselves, and began to laugh.

For sunknown reason, they felt extremely refreshed upon thinking that the Li Heavenly Clan’s arrogant genius Li Tianyou was given a proper beating by Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Li Anzhi shouted, “Chu Feng, you are fightinghere. Why are you involving my little brother in this?”

“If you have the skills, then aim them at me!!!”

“Watch your words, you’re wrongly accusing me. It was clearly your brother who tried to create trouble for me.”

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders helplessly. His appearance could even be said to be haggardly. It was as if he had never placed Li Anzhi and Li Tianyou in his eyes at all.

Chu Feng’s action not only deeply angered Li Anzhi and Li Tianyou, but he also caused all of the Li Heavenly Clan’s younger generations to feel very displeased.

Suddenly, Chu Feng’s expression changed. His relaxed expression suddenly becvery sharp. His eyes seemed to be capable of penetrating one’s heart. Seeing those eyes, one would feel fear.

At that moment, Chu Feng turned those frightening eyes of his to Li Anzhi. He said, “What did you say earlier? You wantto cat you?”

“That’s right, if you have the skills, then cat me!” Li Anzhi shouted.

“Sure,” At that moment, a smile once again appeared on Chu Feng’s previously serious face. Merely, the sharp expression in his eyes did not change in the slightest.

Using a very serious tone, Chu Feng said, “In that case, I will end this battle right now.”