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A Time of Tigers - From Peasant to Emperor

A Time of Tigers - From Peasant to Emperor
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A Time of Tigers - From Peasant to Emperor

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    Summary Oliver Patrick, the Greatest General in rmfront's hiry has a secret - a secret not many know. They think that his Iron WIll was built overnight. They know not the path of suffering he walked, as the slave Beam, reach his destiny as King, and then Emperor. This is that ry. A true ry, of progress, struggle, hardship and strength. A ry of greatness achieved without a system. A ry of how one unknown boy's struggle transformed antinent forever. //Extract The arm dropped the floor, as did the head. Spear points raced past the fallingrpse as the goblins sought take advantage of his momentary lapse in attention. But the tide had already shifted. The equilibrium that had kept the battle going for so long was shattered. With no bruiser take care of their front lines and distract his attention, the goblins in front of him were no match for his speed. He employed his misdirection as he normally might, feigning the same backwards step that he had practised over and over, before leaping forward, catching the goblin off guard, twisting his body avoid its spear and forcing his blade i its throat. It let out a high-pitched squeal as it dropped its spear and attempted stem the tide of blood that was spurting from the wound. The goblin next it squealedo, in fear this time, as its eyes widened, seeing two of itsmrades dealt with so easily in quick succession. Beam saw it take a backwards step, as it attempted turn and run away. But he was on it before it had a chance. He wrapped his arm around its neck and drove a sword through its back. Rather than let therpse fall the floor as he normally might, he held o this one, enduring its death throes. Once life had finally left its body, he shifted it i place as a meat shield. Two arrows thudded against it, almost piercing it straight through. But the time they reached Beam the momentum was entirely gone – though theyuched him, they did not even pierce his clothes. Slowly, with his meat shield in place, Beam advanced on the remaining goblins. They both shared a glance with each other as they dared fire another volley, before turning on their heels and attempting sprint away. “Stay,” a brief moment of eyentact, and one of the goblins was rooted in place. Beamssed his shield aside and picked up a spear instead. With a twist of his hips and shoulder, the spear went soaring, impaling the running goblin straight through its mach. Its bow fell the ground, as strength left its hands. It then fell its knees, before falling face down the floor, pushing the spear back through itself. ……………………………………………………………You’re reading “A Time of Tigers - From Peasant Emperor” on See all Hide

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